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We are ESS Risk Mitigation, a veteran owned and operated company with over 40 years combined explosive and anti-terrorism experience. We believe people are the best resource to identify and react to threats.

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Putting to Bed What Keeps You Up at Night.

We are ESS Risk Mitigation, leaders in Explosive Security Solutions. Our focus is on education and anti-terrorism training for Public Safety, Law Enforcement, Education, and Corporate entities. We are a veteran owned company and our instructors come from various military and law enforcement backgrounds, bringing their knowledge, passion, and first-person experience to the classroom. We bring real world experience related to current and historical Terrorist Training, Tactics, and Procedures to include the migration to other extremist entities and regions. Learn About Our Team >>

Our Belief

There is a very real threat that faces the public.
There has been a paradigm shift from worrying “if” an attack will happen, to the wondering about the next “when and where”.  America’s educational institutions and civic locations will be on the front lines of the ever expanding extremist threat. Planning for and learning how to prevent these situations is where ESS comes in.

Our Approach

Safety is not just for those who can afford it.
We designed our variety of services related to risk mitigation – training, assessment, and planning – to be accessible and affordable. ESS Risk Mitigation’s pricing structure is consistently below our competitors’. With our approach you gain the highest rewards from our services while minimally impacting your daily operations.

A Professional Approach to Real Risks

We know the threat. Both founders of ESS Risk Mitigation are parents with children in the education system, and are dedicated to providing important training to you at an affordable price. We bring real world experience related to current and historical Terrorist Training, Tactics, and Procedures to include the migration to other terrorist entities and regions. ESS Risk Management has several instructors from various military and law enforcement backgrounds whom are all passionate about educating the personnel tasked to protect the general public against a growing explosive threat.

Bomb Threats and Shooting Threats Made to US Schools 2014 - 2015


of all worldwide terrorist attacks against diplomatic offices and businesses are aimed at U.S. institutions


of terrorism death in the West are from individuals or small groups working without a larger organization

Sources: National School Safety and Security Services, “Study finds rapid escalation of violent school threats – School Security” Published by Ken Trump, 2/9/2015;
Heritage.org, “Terror Trends: 40 Years’ Data on International and Domestic Terrorism” By David B. Muhlhausen, Ph.D. and Jena Baker McNeill, 5/20/2011;
PBS News Hour, “4 surprising facts from the 2015 Global Terrorism Index” by Daniel Costa-Roberts, 11/23/2015

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Developed by training, experience, and real time situations.


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Our model is built on bringing you training at an affordable price.


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Over 40 combined years of explosive and anti-terrorism experience.


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Our services are made to order and tailored to any training scenario.

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